Professional Liability Coverage

Salon Suites Bellmont is excited to announce a new partnership with a Professional Liability Coverage company; we’ve secured a discounted rate for our Salon Suites Belmont tenants! Salon Suites Belmont is thrilled we can offer our tenants another option to help you be successful! Insurance through Elite Beauty Society is insurance at a reduced rate! Learn more and Sign up here! … Read More

Website, Booking App, and Lead Generation

Introducing a Website, Booking App, and Lead Generation Offer. Great NEWS! Salon Suites Belmont has partnered with Suites On Demand! Suites On Demand is another FREE perk for all tenants at Salon Suites Belmont! Suites On Demand allow stylists to create an easy drag-and-drop individual website, booking app, and lead generation source. Sign-up is free and a benefit all Salon Suites … Read More

Small Suite Introductory Offer

Are you looking for a way to get started at Salon Suites Belmont? Salon Suites Belmont now has a small suite introductory offer! Salon Suites Belmont is now offering an introductory special for the small suites (102-105sq feet) for $250/wk! What a fantastic way to get started. Salon Suites Belmont includes all utilities, WIFI, lobby provisions, common area cleaning, 24/7 … Read More